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Results of Nan Chiau 75th Anniversary Logo Design Competition

Nan Chiau High School is glad to announce the shortlisted entries and overall winner of Nan Chiau 75th Anniversary Logo Design Competition

Nan Chiau is celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2022. To commemorate this milestone, we had an Open Call over Aug – Sep 2021 to invite our stakeholders to design a logo. A total of 41 entries have been received from the 3 categories (Primary, Secondary and Open).

3 designs from each category were shortlisted and an overall winner emerged from them. The winning design was selected for its originality and wittiness, and it also reflected the theme: 爱我南侨- Celebrating 75 years of Belonging.

The winning logo will be printed on all school collateral materials in 2022.

To all participants, thank you for your support &

 Congratulations to all winners, you will be notified via email soon.

Logo Concept

The design appears to be a straightforward depiction of the Chinese characters, ‘南侨’. Upon closer look, you will uncover the embedded numbers ‘75’ and a heart in the middle of ‘南’.

Nan Chiau is illustrated in calligraphy stroke to signify the distinct Chinese culture presence in NCPS and NCHS. ‘75’ represents Nan Chiau’s 75years of existence and it frames the character with a heart in the middle. The heart symbolises the one heart of the NC family.

The logo gradually reveals what is concealed, i.e. to love the school as it is our family, coherent to the theme: “爱我南侨” (Celebrating 75 years of Belonging)”