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Multimedia Club

  • Monday,
    7.10am – 7.55am
    3.30pm – 5.30pm
    7.10am – 7.55am
    7.10am – 7.55am
    7.10am – 7.55am
    7.10am – 7.55am

  • IT Resource Room 1

  • Mr Tan Han Wen
    Mr Johnson Ong
    Ms Maizurah


CCA Objectives

To empower students with lifelong skills:
• Sense of responsibility and ownership.
• Organizational & Leadership skills.
• Character Building: Teamwork, Discipline & Independence.

• To train students to be competent in handling audio and visual equipment.

• To ignite students’ creativity and innovation in photography and videography skill.

CCA Description

Multimedia comprises of two wings: Public Announcement (PA) and Photo/ Video. All the members will undergo training in the areas of audio and visual equipment when they join the CCA. They will be trained and tasked to do daily duty in the morning and events such as celebrations concert, where both will developed them into responsible and confident member of Multimedia Club. The members will also be taught on photography and videography skills during the CCA, skills learnt will be put into used during events of celebrations and competitions to take the photograph which may be used for school publicity purpose.

Highlight(s) of Activities

Students can choose to participate in a wide range of diverse and meaningful activities:
• School events which showcase students’ skills in setting up audio and visual equipment for the smooth running of school events.
• Activities which allow students to portray their leadership skills: major/minor school events’ I/C and Annual Multimedia Camp.
• Monthly physical activities to encourage team bonding and physical fitness.


1. Competition
• Canon Photo Marathon 2015 – Best School Award
• Canon Photo Marathon 2016 – Best School Award
• Photo of The Month (POTM) – Internal competition
• Our Schools Our Stories 2020 (OSOS)

2. Events handled
• Annual School Anniversary concert and Live Video Telecast
• Chinese New Year Celebrations
• National Day Parade & Celebration
• Teachers’ Day Celebration
• Student Leaders’ Investiture
• City Forum
• Secondary 1 Orientation – Parents’ Night