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National Cadet Corps

  • Friday,
    2.45pm – 6.00pm

  • Quadrangle

  • Mr Liow Kwok Bin
    Mr Gan Sze Fong
    Mr Raffi Buang


CCA Objectives

Cadet Strong Framework
Strong Body, Resilient Mind and Committed Heart

Strategic Key Thrusts
Leadership, Fitness and Commitment to Singapore

CCA Description

The NCC cadet training syllabus includes general military knowledge, as well as adventure training and leadership development. The integration of land, air and sea programmes is emphasised to enable NCC cadets to enjoy activities that encompass the three elements. In addition, to promote the quest for excellence and inculcate the spirit of participation and sportsmanship amongst the cadets, competitions are included as part of the training curriculum. NCC cadets are also engaged in community service, so as to help develop their sense of social responsibility.

Highlight(s) of Activities

Junior Cadets (Secondary 1)
Affirmation Ceremony
Total Defence Badge (Bronze)
Camp FORGE (including Technical Handling for SAR21)
Basic Survival Programme
Proficiency Test
1-star Kayaking Certification Course

Senior Cadets (Secondary 2)
Proficiency Badge Test
Total Defence Badge (Silver)
Orienteering Badge Test
Technical Handling & Individual Marksmanship Training (SAR21)
Precision Drills Course
Freestyle Drills Course
Basic First Aid Course
Orienteering Competition
Shooting Competition (IMT)

Cadet Leaders and Senior Cadet Leaders (Secondary 3, 4)
Specialist Course
Senior Specialist Course
Total Defence Badge Test (Gold)
Technical Handling, Individual Marksmanship Training and Live Range (SAR21)
Mount Ophir Adventure Programme
Annual Kayaking Expedition
Advanced Drills Course
Precision Drills Instructor Course
Freestyle Drills Instructor Course
Shooting Competition (Live Range)
National Day Parade
Cadet Officer Course
International Cadet Exchange Program (ICEP)


Unit Recognition Competition Achievements 2018-2019 (Distinction)
Best Unit Competition (BUC) Achievements 2010 – 2017 (Gold)
NCC National Fitness Challenge 2019 (1ST RUNNER UP)
NCC National Fitness Challenge 2018 (National Champion)