NCHS Waves Newsletter Issue 2 (2015)



Secondary 2 Streaming Exercise

Results of the 2015 Streaming Appeal Exercise for Secondary 2 Students will be released on 16th November 2015. 






Collection Of School Graduation Certificate



Sec 4E, 4NA , 4NT & 5NA 

Bring along NRIC or Student card

Time: 8.00am to 5.00pm

Monday to Friday

Examination in the event of Train Disruption

For students are are affected in the event of a Major Train Service Distrpution,


Please click here to refer to the following document for more information.

NCHS Enviromental Commitment


We, the NCzens pledge to be committed to safeguarding our environment.


We aim to reduce the consumption of energy, water and our valued resources. Together with our stakeholders.


We work towards a green, sustainable and eco-friendly learning environment.

Total Defence Award's

We are proud to announce that Nan Chiau High School is awarded 'Total Defence Awards'.

MOE Sexuality Education In Schools

Parents may find out more information on the sexuality education program in by clicking HERE .