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About Us

愿景 Vision 

洞悉未来 ● 荟萃中西 ● 心系祖国

Future-Ready Thinkers ● Bicultural Leaders ● Caring Citizens

使命  Mission


To nurture bilingual NCzens who learn with zest, lead with confidence, and serve with empathy

校训与价值观  Motto and Values

诚 Sincerity
毅 Perseverance
正直为本  Integrity  坚韧不拔  Resilience 
 谦恭有礼  Humility  创新启智  Innovation
 饮水思源  Gratitude 止于至善  Excellence 

正直为本 Integrity


To uphold our moral and ethical principles and stand up for what is right even in testing moments.

谦恭有礼 Humility 


To be modest in words and deeds and to respect others and learn from them. 

饮水思源 Gratitude 


To be thankful for what we have and to show appreciation and return kindness to others.

坚韧不拔 Resilience


To have a never give-up attitude and remain positive despite challenging situations.

创新启智 Innovation


To seek improvement through exploring innovative and creative possibilities and alternatives.

止于至善 Excellence


To be committed to doing our best and constantly seek out ways to realise our fullest potentials.