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Key Personnel

Ms Jane Hoe.JPG

Ms Jane Hoe

Head Of Department - Aesthetics
Art Teacher

Ext: 210

Mrs Cheryl Loh.png

Mrs Cheryl Lo

Head Of Department - Character Education (CCE)

Ext: 207

Mdm Yap Teck Lay Anna.JPG

Mdm Anna Yap

Head Of Department - English

Ext: 204

Mdm Tan Pek Cheng.JPG

Mdm Tan Pek Cheng

Head Of Department - Humanities

Ext: 206

Mr John Mak.png

Mr John Mak

Head Of Department - ICT & Data Management

Ext: 201

Mdm Khaw Hwee Mung.png

Mdm Khaw Hwee Mung

Head Of Department - Maths

Ext: 203

Mr Oh Keng Ann.JPG

Mr Oh Keng Ann

Head Of Department - MTL

Ext: 205


Mr Lim Heng Boon Arthur

Head Of Department - Physical Education

Ext: 200

Mr Goh Lam Chye.png

Mr Goh Lam Chye

Head Of Department - SAP

Ext: 221

Mdm Ng Mui Hoon.JPG

Mdm Ng Mui Hoon

Head Of Department - Science

Ext: 202

Mdm Neewyn Neo Sin Yee.JPG

Mdm Neewyn Neo

School Staff Developer

Ext: 208

Mr Neo Choong Wei Dalvey.JPG

Mr Dalvey Neo

Head Of Department - Student Management

Ext: 211

Jimmy Goh Giam Hwee 2020.jpg

Mr Goh Giam Hwee

Year Head - Lower Secondary

Ext: 318

Ms Rama Renuka.png

Ms Rama (Renuka)

Year Head - Upper Secondary

Ext: 209

Ms Chen Xiaowei Chney.JPG

Ms Chen Xiao Wei

Assistant Year Head - Secondary 2
CCA : English Drama

Ext: 322

Ms Chong Ka Wuei.png

Ms Chong Ka Wuei

Subject Head - SAP
CCA : Wind Orchestra
Form Teacher - 3 Sincerity

Ext: 212

Ms Agnes Cheong.png

Ms Agnes Cheong

Subject Head - CCE

Ext: 212

Ms Chay Chia Ling.png

Ms Chay Chia Ling

Subject Head - Chinese Language
CCA : String Orchestra
Form Teacher - 3 Innovation

Ext: 220

Mr Lee Heng Leong.png

Mr Lee Heng Leong

Subject Head - ICT
CCA : Infocomm Club
Form Teacher - 4 Innovation

Ext: 302

Mdm Tang Pui Lin.png

Mdm Tang Pui Lin

Subject Head - Maths
CCA : Chinese Orchestra

Ext: 323

Mr Raffi Bin Buang.JPG

Mr Raffi Buang

Subject Head - Physical Education
CCA : Track and Field
National Cadet Corps (Advisor)

Ext: 303

Mr Fu Kaidi.JPG

Mr Fu Kaidi

Subject Head - English
CCA : Scouts

Ext: 352

Mr Goh Khan Sen.JPG

Mr Goh Khan Sen

Subject Head - Science Research
CCA : Robotics Club

Ext: 328

Mr Aw Si Kuan.JPG

Mr Aw Si Kuan

Subject Head - Student Leadership & Outdoor Education
CCA : Basketball
Student Council (Advisor)
Form Teacher - 3 Integrity

Ext: 311