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e-Open House 2021

1) NCHS e-Open House Poster

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2) NCHS “Live” chat with School Leaders & students

Time: 9.00am to 10.30am


3) Frequently Ask Questions

1. I note that Nan Chiau High School (NCHS) is a Special Assistance Plan (SAP) school. What is a SAP school? 
SAP schools were established by the government to promote the learning of Chinese language and culture and to preserve the ethos of Chinese-medium schools. As such, we offer an immersive Chinese learning environment where our students in the school read Higher Chinese Language, amongst other programme and activities.

2. What is the PSLE cut-off point for 2021 Sec 1 cohort and 2022 Indicative PSLE Score?
It is 244, based on the Sec 1 intake in 2021. The PSLE aggregate range varies from year to year depending on the applicants and availability of places in the school.  For 2022, the Indicative PSLE Score is 4(M) – 11(M). The score are simulated using the 2020 PSLE cohort results and students’ school choice. 

3. What should students do if they would like to appeal to enter NCHS? 
- Students must meet the cut-off point (COP) criteria, which will be made known to school on the same day as the release of Sec 1 posting results. 
- Students may then submit an appeal with relevant documents directly to NCHS for consideration. Eligible applicants will be placed on the waiting list. 
- Appeals can be submitted online as soon as the Sec 1 posting results is out.

4. Does the school offer Higher Music?
Yes, the school offers Higher Music for Secondary Three and Four students. Lessons are held in the school during curriculum time. 

5. Enhanced Art Programme (EAP)
EAP is a MOE signature Art Programme offered to students who are interested and talented in Art at upper secondary programme that leads to the GCE O-Level Art. At Upper Secondary, It hones students’ artistic talents by deepening their development in selected art practices.
To bridge the programme, at lower secondary select students who are inclined towards art are given opportunities to attend Art Talent Programme (ATP). They will attend weekly art enrichment activities after school, to expand their horizon and expose them to knowledge and skills beyond the art classrooms. Through the various art activities at Lower Secondary, students develop their interest in art and can continue to pursue art at Upper Secondary through the EAP. 
Students will be offered EAP at Upper Secondary during the Secondary Two Streaming Exercise if they meet the NCHS EAP requirement.

6. Reading Higher Chinese Language (HCL) at Secondary School.
HCL at primary school level is not a prerequisite for reading HCL at secondary schools. From 2020, all Secondary 1 students in our school are encourage to read HCL.

7. How many CCAs are there in Nan Chiau High?
There are currently 25 CCAs in our school.

8. What are the facilities in this school?
We have a wide range of facilities that cater to the needs and interest of our students. Our facilities include a 300-seat auditorium, as well as specialised rooms such as COVE for students’ activities, NEST for Aesthetic activities, I3 (Identify, Ideate & Innovation) room for Innovation & Design activities,  UniVeRse Room, Chinese Language Elective Programme (CLEP) room for CLEP students’ lessons and activities, as well as a well-equipped gym.

9. What are the school’s niche areas?
- Departmental signature programmes.
- Enhanced Art Programme (EAP)
- Learning for Life (LLP) : Literacy Arts (Bicultural)
- Applied Learning Programme (ALP): Science Research and Electronics in HealthCare.
- Chinese Language Elective Programme (CLEP)

10. What are the leadership development opportunities in this school?
The school offers various leadership opportunities for all students, ranging from class- based positions such as Class Council (Class Chairperson & Vice Chairperson), Sports Leaders, CCA Leaders and Student Councillors. We have also a signature leadership programme – the FALCONS programme. It seeks to fulfil students’ leadership potential through Outdoor Education, Overseas Cultural Immersion and Service Learning. 

11. Are there other streams in the school?
As a SAP school, we only offer the Express stream.

12. Where is the nearest bus stop and LRT station?
The nearest bus stop is just outside the side gate and the buses that stop there are bus 372 and 110. Walking distance from the school to Sengkang MRT station is about 10min. The nearest LRT station is Renjong, which is about 10 mins walk from the school.

13. Is there any financial aid?
There are MOE financial assistance scheme and other various bursaries scheme offered such as the Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan (SHHK) Bursary, the ST Pocket Fund, the Singapore Buddhist Lodge Bursary and the Chettair’s Temple Bursary/Scholarship.