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A critical thinker and a confident problem solver


To nurture our students as a self-directed learners and to equip them with critical thinking and creative problem solving skills



Mdm Khaw Hwee Mung (HOD/Maths)
Mdm Tang Pui Lin (SH/Maths)
Mdm Cheryl Ng Ai Tee (HOD/CCE)
Mr Mak Kok Wei John (HOD/ICT)
Ms Renuka Ramakrishnan (YH)
Mdm Ng Su Peng (Sec 4 LC)
Mdm Doris Sofea Toh Ming Li (Sec 3 LC, ICT Champion)
Mdm Lee Ying Yan Kate (Sec 2 LC)
Mdm Tan Yan Yan (Sec 1 LC)
Mdm Siak Chock Kwun
Ms Ting Shi Yun 
Ms Tan Yi Chiann
Mr Zhang Boyuan, Eric
Mr Ranon Mak Enhao


1. Sustain Value-added results in National Examinations;
2. Equip with 21st CC Skills (Critical & Creative Thinking, Collaborating and Communicating) and Literacy Skills (Information Literacy, Media Literacy and Technology Literacy);
3. Achieve deep understanding of Mathematical concepts through lesson designed based on Concept-Based Approach;
4. Cultivate a sense of responsibility in learning through self-directed learning and reflection;
5. Nurture and maximize potential and passion in Mathematics through a differentiated programme;
6. Appreciate values of Mathematics in daily lives and making decisions using Mathematical knowledge.


Participation in Mathematics Competitions

Participation in Mathematics Competitions
Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (SMO)
Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad (SASMO)
Hua Xia Cup Mathematical Olympiad
Designing with TI Graphing Calculator Competition
– 2021: 1st in School Position
– 2020: 3rd in School Position
– 2019: 2nd in School Position

Mathematics Talent Programme

Mathematics Talent Programme is a 3 years programme that aims to stretch the potential of high ability learners in Mathematics.

Selected students are invited to the programme in Secondary One if they have:

  • a strong PSLE grade for Mathematics and/or

  • relevant past achievements in Math Olympiad Competitions or trainings in their primary schools.

Students may also be invited to join the programme in Secondary Two or Three upon recommendations by their mathematics teachers. 

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