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About NCYM: 

The Nan Chiau Youth Mentors (NCYM) is the youth wing of the Nan Chiau Alumni Association. It seeks to engage young alumni to actively contribute back to the school even after they have graduated.


Vision and mission statement:

A bridge between NCzens of past and present 






  • Provide a platform for the alumni to give back to the school and the student body

  • Promote the school values among the alumni after graduation

  • Strengthen the bond within the graduated batch and between the graduated batches 

  • Provide support to the school in its effort to drive academic and character excellence in the students

List of initiatives:

  • Teachers’ Day Montage (graduated alumni express appreciation for their alma mater fostering the school spirit of 饮水思源)

  • 经验之谈 (a platform where experienced alumni connect with current student body, sharing tips and information regarding school life and academics to the students, impart their experience and advice to juniors in an interactive way online, creating an inclusive environment)

  • Facilitation of Sec 3 Leadership Camp (To promote the spirit of 爱我南侨 beyond graduation)

  • SHINES fundraising (Strengthen the bond within the graduated batch, between the batches to facilitate the formation of strong networks). 

  • Olympiad training sessions (alumni coaching of Science Olympiad that allows current students to actively seek knowledge beyond the curriculum, promoting the school value of 精益求精)

  • Tertiary education sharing by students of various JCs and Polytechnics (Allowing current student body to make a more informed pathway choice for post NCHS)

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