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CCE 2021

CCE Dept Vision

Caring Leaders with Values and Character

CCE Dept Mission

To develop NCzens to be confident and empathetic leaders with Power of Positivity to realize their fullest potentials and to serve the nation. 

NCHS recognises the importance of developing the character of our pupils; particularly so in a rapidly changing and uncertain world driven by globalization and technological advancements. Guided by our school vision, mission and values, NCHS CCE curriculum aims to inculcate NCzens with good values and social –emotional competences necessary for not just facing these challenges but also seizing opportunities brought about by these forces. 

NCzens will undergo in a variety of programmes such as learning journeys and National Education commemorative events. These programmes seek to not only inculcate in NCzens a sense of pride in our national identity but also improve their understanding of how they can contribute towards the sustained development of Singapore. This will empower our students to develop into responsible, morally upright citizens who contribute actively to a cohesive and inclusive society.

Staff List



Mrs Cheryl Lo- Ng Ai Tee


Ms Agnes Cheong

CCE Members

Ms Mak Xue Wei (Specialised CCE Teacher)


Ms Nurhaida Ramli (Specialised CCE Teacher, Sec 4 CCE coordinator and Sex Ed Coordinator)


Ms Leow Shie Hui (Sec 1 CCE coordinator)


Ms Ng Su Peng (Specialised CCE Teacher, Sec 3 CCE coordinator and ECG coordinator)


Ms Yeong Xin Yi Michelle (Specialised CCE Teacher and Sec 4 coordinator)


Mdm Lee Ying Yan (Mrs Chia) – Sec 2 CCE coordinator

NCHS CCE Framework

image32.pngNCHS CCE framework is aligned to school vision, mission and values, placing NCzens at the heart of school’s CCE efforts.  The curriculum content is based on the overarching framework of Power of Positvity (PoP), and comprises the teaching and learning of core school values and social-emotional competencies with a focus on developing a sense of purpose in NCzens.

Photographs of students using PoP conversation cards during CCE lessons and CCAs to facilitate discussions.

image34.png image35.jpg
Photographs of School Heritage Tour as part of School-based CCE Curriculum
image38.png image37.png
Photographs of Sec 3 School History Sharing Programme under School-based CCE Curriculum 
image39.png image42.png
Photographs of CCE programmes

During the Sec 3 Cultural Heritage Quest Learning Journey, NCzens were able to appreciate the cultural practices unique to the various ethnic communities in Singapore. 


Financial Aid

  • Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan

  • Singapore Buddhist Lodge

  • MDIS Bursary

  • MOE- Financial Assistance Scheme

  • ST Pocket Fund 

  • Fo Guang Shan Bursary 

  • Pei Hwa Foundation