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Education and Career Guidance

ECG is developmental in nature, and seeks to meet the needs of NCzens at every stage of their education.  Through ECG, NCzens develop social emotional competencies and qualities of proactivity, adaptability and resilience that will prepare them for the 21st century. ECG lessons and experiences, complemented by MySkillsFuture portal, enable pupils to make informed education and career choices, and empower them for lifelong learning.

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 Professional speakers shared about their working experiences during ECG Day


Ex-NCzen volunteered to share with juniors on her decision to become an entrepreneur during ECG Day 

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Sec 4 ECG Learning Journey to various industries to gain a better insight on the needs and experiences of different jobs. 

ECG Resources

The MySkillsFuture portal is a one-stop portal with information and tools to explore various education and career pathways for NCzens. 

Parents may also explore MySkillsFuture  portal with NCzens, to learn how to support their children in their education and career journey.

NCzens may also book an ECG Counselling Session (assessments, analysis of RIASEC, exploration of subject combinations and future education & career pathways) NCHS ECG Poster.JPG

  1. Admission Exercises for O-Level Students


  1. JAE Booklet 2022


  1. MOE Course Finder (Consolidated portal for the 5 Polytechnics and ITE courses in Singapore – entry requirements, course modules and education & career prospects)


  1. My SkillsFuture Portal (Secondary – assessment tests, Singapore Industry Landscape, Job role videos etc)


  1. Scholarship links