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  • Friday,
    2.30pm – 6.00pm

  • School Field

  • Mr Fu Kai Di
    Ms Foo Su Lyn
    Mr Esmond Tay


CCA Objectives

Scouting is a movement of self-education for young people. All over the world, Scouts are united by a common, active commitment to Scouting’s purpose, which is to help young people develop their full physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and social capacities as individuals and members of the society, therefore contributing to the development of a better world.

Scout Promise and Scout Law
All Scouts are required to adhere to a Scout Promise and Scout Law.

The Scout Promise
On my Honour I promise that I will do my best
To do my duty to God and the Republic of Singapore
To help other people and
To keep the Scout Law

The Scout Laws
A Scout is to be trusted.
A Scout is loyal
A Scout makes friends, establishes and maintains harmonious relations
A Scout is disciplined and considerate
A Scout has courage in all difficulties

CCA Description

Nan Chiau High School Alopex Scouts learn many skills which can be beneficial to our everyday lives. These skills are developed through outdoor activities such as hiking, camping or even during our weekly training sessions. Some skills include outdoor survival skills, exploration and navigation, as well as first aid. We also learn values such as resilience, perseverance, discipline and respect. These skills
and values can help us develop to be better, more self-fulfilled, and generally more improved versions of ourselves as individuals, and play a constructive role in society.

Highlight(s) of Activities

The Nan Chiau High School Alopex Scouts is a group that strives to master scouting skills while having fun at the same time. Scouts will enjoy outdoor activities and take up roles that will push them to become better individuals. Scouts will first start off with a unit commander to recite the Scout Promise, and will then proceed with other activities, such as First Aid, Outdoor Cooking, Knots And Pioneering, Camping, Exploration And Navigation Hiking, Drill, Outdoor Survival Skills.


Frank Cooper Sands Gold Award 2014
Frank Cooper Sands Gold Award 2015
Frank Cooper Sands Gold Award 2016
Frank Cooper Sands Gold Award 2017
Frank Cooper Sands Gold Award 2018
Frank Cooper Sands Gold Award 2019
National Patrol Camp Bronze Award 2016
National Patrol Camp Silver Award 2018