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Science Talent Programme

The programme aims to provide opportunities for students who are passionate in Science Learning to 

  • become innovative and critical thinkers,

  • broaden, explore and deepen the interest in Science,

  • articulate their Science Learning with the other budding scientists. 


The programme seeks to develop students who have

  • obtained excellent results in English Language, Mathematics and Science in Secondary 2 EOY exam

  • demonstrated keen interest in science and research (e.g. active participation in Science-related enrichment activities, projects or competitions).

Programme Overview

NCzens can look forward to participate in the array of activities below:-

Science Research Programme / A*STAR Research Exposure Programme

Students, who are highly proficient in science learning and demonstrated keen interest in science research, will be shortlisted to participate in research programme where they are provided opportunities to explore and deepen their interest in science and research as well as gain insights into A*STAR’s Research Institutes and its activities. Students could also participate in a 2-days Research Exposure Programme, jointly organized with Science Centre Singapore.

Science Olympiad Trainings

The Olympiad trainings provide a platform for students to challenge themselves in their chemical, physical and biological knowledge and skills. It also seeks to encourage the study and appreciation of Science beyond the school curriculum. It promotes the excitement in learning and doing Science and provide an opportunity for students to solve novel questions that require critical and inventive thinking.  

Selected upper secondary students will embark on a 10-hours training sessions for the Biology, Chemistry and Physics Olympiads after school. 

These platforms are very useful for students to challenge themselves in the scientific knowledge and skills and it also seeks to promote the excitement of learning and doing the different experiments in science.

External opportunities: Forums, Seminars, Conferences, Attachment and Competitions 

Students will be able to broaden their knowledge, deepen their learning and engage in meaningful exchanges through participation in Competitions, Forums and Conferences for example, International Elementz Fair, East Zone A*STAR Science Fair, International Science Youth Forum, Abbott Young Scientist Programme and National Science Challenge. 



East Zone A*STAR Science Fair
SJPO_2 image14.jpg
Abbott Young Scientist_1
Figure 1Abbott Young Scientist_2