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Enhanced Art Programme (EAP)

NCHS EAP exposes talented and interested art students to different art media, creative processes, professions and practices in the arts and creative industries.



The Enhanced Art programme is one of MOE’s flagship art programmes offered by select secondary schools to provide greater opportunities for students with a keen interest, disposition and ability in art to develop their talent.

EAP is distinct from art programmes offered in other secondary schools through its innovative curriculum and pedagogy that offer real world connections and practices (e.g. linking up with suitable creative industrial partners) and opportunities for collaborative learning through combined students’ and teachers’ events and workshops to achieve quality students learning and outcomes. 


The EAP is an upper secondary programme from Secondary 3 to 4 that leads to the GCE O-level Art or Higher Art examination.


NCHS Art Talent Programme

NCHS EAP provides greater opportunities for students with artistic talents to continue to hone their skills, deepen their development in various art practices and accentuate their personal voice and style.

At Nan Chiau High School (NCHS), select lower secondary students who are inclined towards art are invited to participate in NCHS Art Talent Programme. These students are given opportunities to attend art enrichment activities after school every fortnightly, to expand their horizons and expose them to knowledge and skills beyond the art classrooms.

Through our Art Talent Programme, students continue to develop their interest in art and are inspired to pursue art at upper secondary through EAP. During the streaming exercise, all secondary two students would be offered to join EAP if they meet the NCHS EAP selection criteria.