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National Education

National Education (NE) is part of a holistic education. It aims to develop national cohesion, cultivate the instinct for survival as a nation and boost students' confidence in our nation's future. It also emphasises on cultivating a sense of belonging and emotional rootedness to Singapore.

The National Education messages and accompanying values are:

  • Singapore is our homeland; this is where we belong.
    We treasure our heritage and take pride in shaping our own unique way of life.

  • We must preserve racial and religious harmony.
    We value our diversity and are determined to stay a united people.

  • We must uphold meritocracy and incorruptibility.
    We provide opportunities for all, according to their ability and effort.

  • No one owes Singapore a living.
    We find our own way to survive and prosper, turning challenge into opportunity.

  • We must ourselves defend Singapore.
    We are proud to defend Singapore ourselves, no one else is responsible for our security and well-being.

  • We have confidence in our future.
    United, determined and well-prepared, we have what it takes to build a bright future for ourselves, and to progress together as one nation.


Our NCHS-NE programme aims to prepare our NCzens for an increasingly complex world and develop them into concerned citizens who will actively contribute to Singapore by anchoring them with sound values and a shared Singapore Spirit. The NCHS-NE curriculum will be a 4 year journey for all NCzens and upon completion, our students should have the following: 

  • A sense of belonging: To develop a deeper understanding of who we are, and a shared understanding of the values that are important to us as a nation. 

  • A sense of reality: To be aware of the contemporary realities — including Singapore’s constraints and vulnerabilities — which affect us as a nation amidst the backdrop of a less predictable world. 

  • A sense of hope: To have confidence and optimism in Singapore’s future and the resilience to face the challenges ahead. 

  • The will to act: To show willingness to play a role in the future of Singapore


  1. NE Commemorative Days

    • Total Defence Day

    • International Friendship Day

    • Racial Harmony Day

    • National Day


  1. NE in subjects

    • Discussion of NE related topics in Humanities and other subjects

    • Infusion of NE values in Humanities and Character and Citizenship Education



    • Learning Journeys

    • Cohort experiences

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