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Power of Positivity

POP is a whole-school approach to ensure the overall well-being and holistic development of all students and staff through strengthening their social-emotional and psychological competencies. The POP framework consists of 3 key components of Power of ME (ie. celebrating the individual as an end in itself, nurturing the intrinsic character strengths while acknowledging the weaknesses and vulnerabilities, centering the mind to look at the present, the here and the now), Power of GIVING (ie. doing things that are positive thereby bonding relationships so that collective comfort and strength in friends and family can be found) and Power of YET (ie. focussing on the ‘Growth Mindset’ where one recognizes and accepts the inevitability of change and forces beyond the human control but, at the same time, exhorting the individual to find hope and define meaning in life, to dream and aspire, in order to see possibilities in uncertainties and opportunities in crisis).

image001.pngThe Student Development Committee comprising the following teams is committed to driving the POP culture in school.