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Service Learning

NCHS Service-Learning Framework


NCHS Service-Learning (S-L) programme focuses on inculcating in students an awareness of issues surrounding them and exercising social responsibility in their spheres of influence. Through the Service-Learning project cycle (Ready, Render, Reflect) and using Design Thinking approach, students will learn to investigate areas of concerns, empathise with others, implement their plans to create value in the community they live in and play their part through meaningful contributions to the community. 

Overall mission: 

  • Engage NCzen’s head, heart and hands to develop them into socially responsible citizens who contribute meaningfully to the community.

  • Enable NCzens to acquire and deepen knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that empowers them to lead, serve and inspire.

Photographs of S-L projects

Sec 1 Service-Learning Experiential Journey: Loving Hands, Smart Nation

NCzens guiding senior citizens to use NETs(Flashpay) to buy food from Macdonald or groceries from NTUC

image20.jpg image23.jpg
image28.jpg image6.jpg

Sec 1 Service-Learning Experiential Journey: Heritage Cares with National Heritage Board

image13.jpg image14.jpg
image15.jpg image33.jpg

Annual Sec 2 S-L project showing appreciation to School 

image17-1.jpg image3.jpg

Sec 2 S-L projects: Organizing mini games for various groups of communities


Sec 3 S-L projects, collaboration with Citi-YMCA

Service-Learning Overseas Trip 2018 and 2019

image31.jpg image10.jpg