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The FALCONS are the pinnacle of the Student Leaders in NCHS. They are members of the Executive Committee of their CCAs and Leadership Groups.


The FALCONS Leadership Development Programme aims to develop student leaders to be Confident and Courageous Leaders of Change

Programme Outline


FALCONS XII 3-Day Online Camp 2021

FALCONS Cultural Immersion and Leadership Training Programme 2018 – Hong Kong

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FALCONS Cultural Immersion and Leadership Training Programme 2019 - Taiwan

Asia-Pacific Young Leaders Convention

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FALCONS was a programme that had the greatest impact on me and my leadership journey. The opportunities were endless, ranging from an amazing hiking trip to Hong Kong, as well as chances to be at the helm of school events like CCA Bazaar and Secondary 3 camp. Not only did I enjoy myself immensely, I got to learn from and overcome all sorts of challenges I faced, both physically and mentally. I think that this program was unforgettable because it was a place where I could try new things I used to shy away from and grow alongside other leaders. The values and skills I learnt are things I remember and apply in my life to this day.

Ashley Ng

Class of 2020

SHHK Model Student 2020


FALCONS was one of the best opportunities in NCHS for me to grow and mature as a person. It presented a chance for me to learn insightful skills, develop my leadership ability and apply them as well. There were countless hikes, workshops and trips where I practiced what I learnt. Of course, the hallmark of the programme was an overseas trip to Hong Kong, where we hiked and camped for 3 days and 2 nights. This seemed daunting at the beginning of the programme, but towards the end, I saw every single member, experience growth like never before. Joining FALCONS also opened up new opportunities, which allowed me the chance to represent Singapore in APYLC, where NCHS’s group of delegates flew to Indonesia to take part in various discussions and activities which tackled socio-political issues with students from various countries such as Japan and New Zealand. All in all, FALCONS opened up opportunities I never thought possible and is a programme which you can’t find in any other secondary school.

Tedric Tsng 

Class of 2020