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Student Council


Our Mission

A cohesive NC culture embodying the Power of Positivity (Power of Me, Yet and Giving).


Our Approach

To develop Student Councillors who are passionate individuals and inspiring role models, possessing mental resilience and continually striving for excellence.

Our Structure


Leadership and Training Opportunities

We believe in empowering our students through a wide variety of platforms.


The Student Councillors have multiple leadership opportunities such as organising and supporting formal school events such as Secondary One Orientation Camp, Student Leaders’ Investiture, Teachers’ Day and Open House. On top of the various school events which the councillors take part in, they are also actively involved in their department effort to plan and reach out to their school mates (and teachers) to uplift the learning environment and emotional wellbeing.


To prepare them for the role, the student councillors will have the following training opportunities:

Sec 1 – Sec 2

Junior Councillor

  • Event planning skills training.

Sec 3 – Sec 4

Senior Councillor

  • Planning and executing school events;

  • Mentorship.



Our Voices


Tan An Qi

Class of 2020

President of 17th Student Council

Bicultural Ambassador

在人生轨道上,我们必定会遇到种种困难,也会被迫面对看似无法攀爬的高山。经过在学生理事会的这几年,我深深地体会到了 “有志者事竟成” 这句话地意义,也一直 将这道理牢记在心里。在初级学院的过去几个月里,我遇到了不少挑战,也受过了不少挫折。特别是在学习方面,由于不习惯通过预录过的演讲学习,我在前几个月都无法跟上他人的学习进度,因此学业上表现得不理想。即使如此,我一直提醒自己,以前不管遇到再大的困难,我都凭着毅力,一次又一次地客服眼前的障碍,这次也一定做得到。在中学的经历给了我勇气与决心,不论遇到任何地挑战,也要勇往直前,激励我尝试不同的学习方式与资料,让我重新找到学习的乐趣与最适合我的学习方式。

Though it has been close to a year since my graduation from Student Council and from Nan Chiau, I have always remembered the challenges I have been through, and the importance that perseverance had played in my journey. The past hurdles and hardships have trained me to always press on and to have a positive outlook, learning to focus on trying out various ways to overcome the problems rather than on the problems themselves, enabling me to apply what I have learnt even in JC, learning to not be scared of experimenting with various methods to find the best way to cope with the new subjects and teaching styles. The value of perseverance that Student Council has imbued in me has motivated me to stay positive regardless of what lies ahead of me, and to never stop trying to overcome them.


Chong Chin Hui Zoe

Valedictorian for Class of 2020

Senior Councillor of the 17th Student Council

President of Red Cross

Being part of the Student Council has allowed me to develop my character and leadership ability. Under the guidance of the Student Council teachers and seniors, I had many opportunities to magnify and hone my planning, communication and management skills. Thanks to my valuable experience, I was able to apply the skills learnt and become increasingly confident in executing my leadership roles in JC. 



Dickson Lee Yue Jun

Class of 2019

President of the 16th Student Council

南侨学生理事会给予我一个机会在安全的环境下成长与学习。在老师与学长的教导下,我收益不浅。The teachings of my teachers and seniors have helped me truly understand many important lessons: the importance of confidence, the ability to look ahead, and the power of teamwork. 


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Contact us

If you would like to find out more about what we do or want to propose a collaboration with us, feel free to contact us at our Instagram page @nchsstudentcouncil.