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Student Management


Caring Leaders with Values and Character


They don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care

Staff List

Mr. Dalvey Neo (HOD)
Ms. Tan Han Xiong (Sec. 1 Discipline Level Coordinator)
Ms. Periya d/o Supramanian (Sec. 2 Discipline Level Coordinator)
Mr. Tan Han Wen (Sec. 3 Discipline Level Coordinator)
Mr. Ting Shi Yun (Sec. 4 Discipline Level Coordinator)



School Rules & Regulations


  • Nation

  • All students must attend the Flag-raising Ceremony punctually and observe it with respect and solemnity.
  • Students who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge. Students will take the Pledge with their right fist placed over their heart.
  • All students are to be seated at the quadrangle no later than 7.30 am from Mondays to Fridays for the flag-raising ceremony which will commence at 7.35 am.

  • School

1.2.1     Weekly Assembly

  • Assemble according to classes quickly and in an orderly manner.
  • All students are expected to wear their school tie.
  • Sing the School Song with fervor and pride

1.2.2     Cleanliness

  • The cleanliness of the school is the responsibility of all students
  • All students must participate actively in the “Love My School Deeds” (“爱校活动”); classrooms and all other school premises must be kept clean at all times.
  • Proper care and usage of all school facilities and properties is to be observed at all times for the benefit of everyone; vandalism of any sort will not be tolerated and appropriate disciplinary follow-up will be meted
  • All classes will have 5 min of snack time at 1.00 pm in the classroom and all students must ensure the cleanliness of the classroom after each snack time. For food safety and cleanliness reasons, all cooked food can only be consumed in the canteen.


  • Personal Conduct
2.1.1     Every student is an ambassador of the School; everyone is expected to project a dignified image and be proud of the school.

2.1.2     Be courteous, disciplined and respectful at all times, in and out of school.

2.1.3     Be attentive during lesson and conscientious in completing assigned work

2.1.4     Greet all teachers, non-teaching staff and visitors to the school with a bow.


2.2        Personal Grooming
2.2.1     Boys:

  • Hair must be kept short and neat, not touching the eyebrows and ears and clearly above the collar.
  • Must be clean-shaven; moustaches, beards and long sideburns are not allowed
  • Accessories of any sort is not allowed

2.2.2     Girls:

  • Hair should not touch the eyebrows.
  • Shoulder-length hair must be tied up neatly.
  • Hair bands and clips must be either black or navy-blue.
  • Only one simple and plain (black/silver/gold) pair of studs is allowed

2.2.3     Boys and Girls:

  • Artificial colouring of the hair is strictly not allowed.
  • All students are not allowed to wear jewellery and ornaments.
  • Dark or tinted glasses are only allowed if medically certified by a medical doctor or ophthalmologist.
  • Glasses with fancy rims are also not allowed.
  • Coloured contact lenses are strictly not allowed.
  • Fingernails must be short, clean and unvarnished.
  • All students are not allowed to use any form of makeup at all.

  • School Attire
    • All students are required to wear the prescribed school uniform. Modification to the uniform is not allowed. All students should be neatly and appropriately attired for all school activities.

2.3.2     Boys:

  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times.
  • All buttons must be worn at all times.
  • Sleeves must not be folded at all times.
  • Shorts and pants must be worn at the waist level.
  • The school tie must be worn on school assembly days and other school functions.

2.3.3     Girls:

  • Button must be worn 2 fingers above the cut at all times.
  • Sleeves must not be folded at all times.
  • Skirts must not be folded at all times.
  • Skirts must be worn at least at the knee level at all times.

2.3.4     Students are only allowed to wear either the prescribed school shoes or shoes that are completely black in colour.

2.3.5     Socks must be worn in a way that the ‘NC’ logo is visibly 3 fingers above the back cut of the shoe.

2.3.6     Slippers and sandals are allowed to be worn only on medical grounds; in such cases, a letter from a medical doctor must be produced.

2.3.7     Girls are only allowed to wear simple white/ beige bras (including sports bra). Halter-neck bras or other outlandish bras are not allowed to be worn. Girls who do not adhere strictly to this requirement will be sent home to change.

2.3.8     PE attire (school T-shirt and PE shorts) must be worn for PE lessons. T-shirts must be tucked in at all times. When PE attire is worn underneath the school uniform, it must be tucked in and the length of the sleeves must not be longer than that of the school shirt or blouse. The PE shorts must also not be longer than the school shorts if it is worn inside. All students must be in their uniform during lessons that are after recess time.

2.3.9     When students return to school outside normal school hours and during school vacation, they are expected to be in full uniform or the accepted attire of the CCA group. Students participating in non-uniformed CCAs are to wear the school T-shirts and school shorts/pants/skirts.



3.1        Late-coming Policy   

3.1.1     The School regards punctuality as a reflection of a student’s respect for school, teachers and learning. Attending lesson is, therefore, a privilege extended to students with the correct attitude and not an entitlement for all.

3.1.2     All students are expected to be seated at the quadrangle no later than 7.30 am (Mondays to Fridays) for the flag-raising ceremony which commence at 7.35 am. Students who are not with their class during flag-raising ceremony will be considered late.

3.1.3     As singing the national anthem and reciting the pledge is a form of respect to the Nation, all late-comers will be required to stand in front of the state flag to sing the national anthem and recite the pledge. Non-Singaporeans are to observe solemnity.

3.1.4     Late-comers are also required to serve afternoon detention on the same day they are late for school. They are required to find time to make up for the lessons or training that they might miss that afternoon. In addition, late-coming will also have a direct bearing on the student’s termly conduct grade.

3.1.5     Persistent late-comers will not be allowed to return to their classrooms for lesson. They will either be kept outside the General Office or outside their classrooms depending on the severity. They will also be required to serve afternoon detention on the same day.

3.1.6     Students are expected to be punctual in attending classes, CCAs and other school activities; persistent late-comers will be referred to the Disciplinary Committee and dealt with accordingly.

3.1.7     Teachers’ permission must be obtained for visits to the toilet or when leaving the classroom. Leaving the classroom / learning venues during the change-over of periods, without the teachers’ permission, is strictly not allowed and disciplinary consequences will be meted out for such errant behavior.


3.2        Absence 

3.2.1     Students who are absent from school must produce a medical certificate on the day they return.

3.2.2     Parents’ letters of excuse will be considered and accepted at the sole discretion of the Principal or Vice-Principal strictly under special circumstances only.


3.3        Early Leave 

3.3.1     Students who need to leave the school premises during school hours need to seek permission from the Form Teacher, fill up the relevant form and subsequently get approval from the Principal, Vice-Principal or a Head of Department.

At all times, students leaving school premises during school hours must be accompanied by an adult unless permission is otherwise given by Principal, Vice-Principal or HOD/Student Management.


4.1        Electronic gadgets of an entertainment/gaming nature are strictly not allowed to be brought to school.

4.2        Mobile phones are strongly discouraged to be brought to School.

4.3        The use of mobile phone is strictly not allowed during curriculum time (including remedial lessons) unless permission is given by the teacher for teaching and learning purposes. Errant students may have their mobile phone confiscated for up to one term depending on the severity of the misuse.

4.4        Security and safety of all personal belongings, including mobile phones, is the sole responsibility of the student who makes the decision to bring them to School.

4.5        All students are not allowed to have in their possession any weapon. They are also not allowed to bring any weapon-like item(s) which is used or intended to be used to cause harm to others.

4.6        Banned items will be confiscated and kept for up to one term or more by the school depending on the severity of the misuse.


5.1        All visitors, including parents, guardians and relatives of students, have to proceed to the General Office for further assistance.

5.2        Friends of students are not allowed to be brought into school without prior permission from the school.

5.3        Photograph(s) or video image(s) of students and their parents may be captured during school activities and events (egs. classroom lessons, CCA training, school camps, school concerts, Meet-the-Parents Session etc.). The school may use and publish such photographs and/or video recordings in school publications, website, social media channels, and other communication channel.

Offences & Consequences

Level 1

  • Late-coming
  • Littering
  • Improper Attire
  • Improper Appearance
  • Rudeness to teachers
  • Disruptive Behavior
  • Consumption of food outside canteen
  • Bringing banned electronic gadgets
  • Incompletion of assignments
  • Use of rude / vulgar / abusive language


  • Verbal warning
  • Detention
  • Offence form issued
  • Warning letter issued
  • 1 demerit point given
  • Recorded in MOE Cockpit System
  • Corrective Work Order
  • Confiscation of items related to appearance such as, additional ear studs, coloured hair-clips, wrist bands etc. (non-returnable).
  • Confiscation of banned electronic gadgets (for one term)
  • Any other appropriate follow-up actions


Level 2

  • Persistent late-coming
  • Skipping class
  • Truancy
  • Disruptive Behavior
  • Defiance
  • Leaving school without permission
  • Body Piercing


  • Offence form issued
  • Warning letter issued
  • 2 – 3 demerit point(s) given
  • Recorded in MOE Cockpit System
  • Corrective Work Order
  • Counselling (in-house / external agency)
  • Parent Involvement
  • Detention
  • Caning
  • Suspension (in school)
  • Contract Signing
  • Any other appropriate follow-up actions


Level 3

  • Persistent truancy
  • Forging of Signature
  • Cheating during tests / exams
  • Outright Defiance
  • Vandalism
  • Arson
  • Stealing (in and out of school)
  • Gangsterism
  • Extortion
  • Use of threat / bullying
  • Assaulting / fighting
  • Tattoo
  • Possession and/or distribution of pornographic or objectionable materials
  • Possession / consumption of drugs, alcohol or cigarettes
  • Possession of dangerous objects
  • Involved in immoral / illegal activities
  • Offence form issued
  • Warning letter issued
  • 4 – 7 demerit point(s) given
  • Recorded in MOE Cockpit System
  • Corrective Work Order
  • Counselling (in-house / external agency)
  • Detention
  • Caning
  • Parents Involvement
  • Police Assistance
  • Contract Signing
  • Suspension (in / out of school)
  • Expulsion