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Year Head Department

The Year Head department provides a horizontal integration of both the academic curriculum and student development curriculum in each of the levels to ensure the students' holistic development. The Year Head team builds a culture of care by advocating for students’ needs and overall well-being.

From Left to Right: 
Ms Chney Chen (AYH - Sec 2); Mr Dalvey Neo; Ms Rama (YH - Sec 3 and 4); Mr Tan Jia Hao (Ag AYH - Sec 1), Ms Tan Yi Chiann (Ag AYH - Sec 4); Mr Jimmy Goh (YH - Sec 1 and 2)

The Year Head department also oversees the various initiatives as part of our Power Of Positivity culture. Below are examples of such activities:

‘Cream of the Crop’ (in conjunction with Sec. 4 Graduation Day)

A new initiative this year to bring the 4 levels of students closer to one another, the Sec. 1-3 students were invited to join their graduating seniors in their Sec. 4 Graduation Day. Aside from clapping and cheering for their seniors, all students were also treated to ice-cream which they thoroughly enjoyed while mingling with one another.
image018.gif(Photo was taken before COVID period)

Power Beans of Positivity

The school celebrates the beginning of the year by having a bowl of Tau Huey with Glutinous Rice balls together.


A Kind Exchange - Friendship Day

The school celebrates the beginning of the year by having a bowl of Tau Huey with Glutinous Rice balls together. Leveraging on Valentine's Day, the school uses this day to celebrate and appreciate friendship and camaraderie among students, teachers, non-teaching staff and school leaders. Both staff and students write gratitude messages for each other. 


In line with the school’s Positive Education journey, Zentangle, an activity that requires one to be mindfully focussed and engaged (ie. fully present) while drawing patterns and designs of his/her choice, was carried out for all 4 levels of students so that they can sharpen mindfulness skills in order to help them reduce their stress, anxiety and negative emotions.image008.jpg

Letter to my Junior

Another Positive Education activity where all students were asked to pen a letter, journeying their experiences of the year (personal and academic), the ups and downs, how they celebrated and rejoiced as well as coped and overcame significant episodes of the year. These letters will then be sent to their juniors (ie. current Sec. 4 to current Sec. 3; current Sec. 3 to current Sec. 2 etc) during the first lesson of the new academic year where the juniors will then read, learn and reflect, in preparation for their new year.

Letter to my Future Self

All students will be required to write a letter to their future self at the beginning of the year. In this letter, they set both academic and non-academic targets of what they want to achieve for the year. At the end of Semester 1, students will receive their letter and they will do a mid-year review to see how much they have accomplished in achieving their targets. At the end of the year, they will receive their letters again and do a reflection to close the year.